R. Manivasagam & M. Anchana

Saghasra – Nursery

I am very satisfied and happy about the school. My child has learned a lot and developed her skills. Excellent and caring teachers.

S. Harish Babu & H. Subhitcha

Adihti H – Nursery

Had a wonderful experience with Gokul Kidz. Very much happy that my kid is filled with good knowledge and good speaking skills. I am very much happy about her. ‘Thank You’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry’ words were taught wherever necessary. Thank you Gokul Kidz for training my child in a good way.

S. Sathya Narayanan & P. Shanmuga Valli

S. Shaakith Nimalau – Nursery

We are lucky to have teachers who co-operate our child with all activities and teaching skills. Thank you to all the teachers and school management for involving our child in lots of activities and programs which helped in their development. Thank you once again.

J. Rakesh Kumar & Khushboo

Tezal – Nursery

My kid was an introvert and did not speak very well but when she joined the school she developed so much just in one month from speaking, identifying the alphabet, and playing to many more things. And I am also so grateful to the teaching and non-teaching staff for their support.

Ajay Kumar & Suman Jajra

Garvit – Pre K

I would like to give my feedback about my son Garvit’s learning in this academic year. It has been fantastic from Day 1 to the current date. The learning is good. The way of teaching by the teachers and the staff is innovative and the ambiance in the school is good. Overall about the school I would say is good.

P. Vigneswaran & V. Priyadarshini

V. Jeshvick – Nursery

In the last days of the academic year, he has overall improvement in studies and physical activities. Both teaching and non-teaching staff gave more effort and care to my son. I like the school atmosphere and hygiene facilities for our children. From this age onwards they are learning slokas and mantras which is very useful for our children’s development. There is improvement in extra curricular activity and gives some opportunity for our children.

V. Sundara Mahalingam & S. Sakthi Priya

Suryadev – Pre K

Teacher’s are doing a great job, we can see that in our kids. With their guidance, he has developed a lot of things and confidence. We are really happy that we joined the school. Thanks for being such an important part in my child’s development.