About Us


Being a 100% subsidiary, we aim to bring in the core values of Goloka Education from early childhood through a chain of pre-schools. Apart from programs for early childhood, we develop teaching and learning resources for early childhood and more importantly train teachers and support administrators with professional development in the early childhood education spectrum.


  • To be a leader in the provision of top quality values-based educational resources
  • To inculcate spiritual values of life from childhood
  • To provide top-quality educational systems management
  • To provide a global standard teacher qualification for Indian teachers
  • To promote a spiritual worldview that will underpin our educational philosophy


Learning and teaching are dynamic and interdependent processes. While the curriculum provides the context for learners to engage with a wide range of learning experiences, the nature of an effective curriculum is such that it is responsive to the needs and progressive development of individual children. Therefore, it is necessary that the physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual environment in which learning and teaching take place is conducive to such a realization.


Our team of educators & professionals bring in more than 100 man-years of hands-on experience in setting up and managing educational programs, writing curriculum, and managing schools in leadership roles. Our capabilities encompass evolving and delivering quality teaching-learning resources and training programs on value-based education across three continents.

Founders and Directors:
Ramanan Nagarajan @ Ramgiridhari Prabhu is an experienced business entrepreneur originally from Srirangam located in the Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu, South India. He brings on board his rich experience in management, strategy, and business execution. Ramanan, along with his wife Vallikannu Solaiappan, established Gokul Kidz, a values-based Early Childhood Centre in Navi Mumbai operating since June 2010.

He is responsible for branding, marketing, strategy, and overall execution of Gokul Kidz Pre-Schools. He owns an innovative, cutting-edge IT Company in Navi Mumbai which currently employs 50 people. Ramanan comes from a family of educators and is passionate about developing a global network of resources, training packages, and schools that can meet the growing demand for high-quality, values-based education.

Gokul Kidz is backed by a team of curriculum development, content management, and design.