The early years of a child’s life, from 0-8 years, are essential for his/her development in the spiritual, physical, emotional, social, and intellectual domains. A child identifies first with his/her family and community, then with society. A positive sense of belonging both at home and outside the environment is vital to the overall well-being of the child.

Our child-centric curriculum adopts the best practices in early childhood education and encompasses in it values and concepts that address six spheres of human development thus addressing the child’s needs holistically.

Values education approaches teaching and learning from a God-centric point of view. The first consideration is to engage in activities that reinforce one’s relationship with God. It is not surprising that the spiritual paradigm emphasizes character education alongside academic development. The organization of the curriculum, the classrooms, the timetable, and the resources is consistent with the principles and values of this worldview.

Therefore, in our Early Childhood Learning Centres, you will experience community and support which is strongly grounded in the values that nurture the child from within as well as outside. School becomes an extension of the home. A consistent culture and ethos pervade, enabling children the necessary stability, safety, and serenity to cultivate their innate attraction for spirituality, their cognitive capacities, and their ability to interact with others in a peaceful and predictable environment.

 A child that undergoes the complete ECE experience at Gokul Kidz would :

  • Discover their identity & develop their sense of belonging.
  • Be aware of the existence of God in their lives
  • Be aware of their surroundings and make connections with others around them
  • Be aware of the consequences of their words and actions & make responsible choices
  • Develop a sense of inquiry and be introspective
  • Be conscious of the interconnectedness of all living and non-living beings with the Supreme
  • Develop healthy habits for mind, body, and soul