Framework, Values Integration & Key Concepts


Six Domains of Development

The early years of a child’s life, are essential for their holistic development. Our curriculum touches on 6 key strands of development that contribute to the all-around development of the child.

Values Integration

Values are woven into the fabric of the curriculum and are the focus of individual inquiry units. Values are taught as universal and objective characteristics of man. They are not subjective and relative as many values-based programs pro­mote elsewhere. Values are intrinsic to the soul, and education is the process of revealing those eternal qualities through association, knowledge, and practice. A common language of values permeates the school curriculum and helps learners articulate and reflect upon their understanding of acceptable and unacceptable be­haviour.

Key Concepts

The values are manifest when they interact with the five key elements. And this interaction is defined through 14 key concepts that are typical to any individual entity. These concepts arise from the various questions that inquire into the very basis of the five key elements and how these are perceived and what values they embody. These concepts directly lend themselves to the subjects and ideas discussed in the class and how each child implicitly relates to the values.